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Another hot young lady, Tina, makes her creampie debute in this hot creampie hunnies exclusive video and picture series. Lots of fun action fill up this set, first with Tina working her oral magic, and then a bonaza of pussy pounding. She gets worked over in all positons from cowgirl to mish to doggy, and ends up spread out missionary where she gets her shaved snatch pumped full of cum for a perfect creampie finally to finish off this great show.

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Not sure where to start really but this is really not a cuckold story, this is more or less an encounter I never counted on. A few years ago I used to date this Latino chick. Tina was a hottie and a great fuck! One thing I couldn't do all the time was go out. She went out ALL the damn time! She'd come over the house about 2am every night. Well one day she asked me if would come over to her house. I said yes because she never invited me over there. I'd told her awhile back that I thought a threesome would be cool but I never really said more than that so I pussyumed it was forgotten, hell I forgot about it too! Well when we went over there, this other man was there.

I figured it maybe a cousin or something. She introduced us and I sat on the couch. Then I started to talk to her and called her. He's like, 'WTF!' 'Why did you call me old lady babe?' I was shocked because I just found out that she was seeing us both! I thought I was going to have fight this dude but she got in front of him and lead him to the bedroom. She told me to make myself at home and that she would calm him down and that she'd be right back. I was still in shock, I couldn't believe this bitch had been doing this! After they went back to the bedroom, I rummaged in her kitchen and found some vodka and had a few shots mixed with some coke (yeah gross I know LOL).

Well after a what seemed 30 minutes or so, I decided to get real mad and so I walked back to the bedroom and knocked on her door. I could hear them laughing and she told me to give her a second. Tina then ordered me to open the door. I was surprised by what I saw next. There she was, doggy style on the bed and he's behind her ready to fuck her pussy! I could tell because her pussy was all lubed up! I have nailed her pussy a few times and know how she feels. To see some other guy ready to penetrate her pussy was exciting. He asked me if I liked what I saw, I was like hell yeah! He then slipped his cock inside her pussy and nailed away while I watched. I got an instant boner watching them both. After a few minutes I took my pants off, not sure what I was supposed to do. All of a sudden I heard him and her both grown and he pulled out, got up and went out of the room.

Her pussy was well nailed and slightly gaped and creampie was leaking down on to her pussy. With my stiff cock ready there was nothing left to do but fuck her pussy as well! I stuck my cock in her pussy no need to lube! I could feel where he came already. The feeling was very intense and well, words cannot describe how it was! Needless to say she got a double pump of cum in Tina's pussy! I guess the truth is we'd been sharing sloppy seconds for awhile, so what's one more fucking time going to hurt, 'eh?

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