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Well a gloryhole is just a hole, cut between two booths a bathroom stall or some other type of wall, and our horny wife goes bareback with strangers letting them creampie inside her lovely pussy.

Creampie at the Gloryhole for Cat

The hole is located at a point equal to the distance from the floor at a mans cock is so that he can stand at the hole and be serviced from a person on the other side. The hole is normally only large enough for the mans cock but some are large enough to allow a hand thru but never any bigger. The ways its used is obvious, a guy would stand at the hole and put his cock through so that the person on the opposite side could have fun with it through some form of sexual activity.

You never know what your gonna find when you go hunting for cum filled snatch so when I found our lovely wife Cat capturing her gloryhole adventures and sharing them I was a bit thrilled. You see not only does this hot mom take on strange cock bareback at the local bookstores but she also lets these lucky studs pump massive loads of sperm inside her furry fertile pussy.

At first I was a bit taken back, but that soon gave way to being completely horny and hot, especially after watching her first video. With the camera held tight on her cunt the wild wife slides up to the hole, grabs her breeders pecker and humps away at until he busts a nut and you can actually see the cum dripping from her pussy and hear it splat on the floor.

I love wild women and this crazy wife is right up there with the best so if your in the mood for something different head on over to her gloryhole creampie site and check out this hot mom as she takes on one stranger after another during her visits to the local hole.

Picture From The Gloryhole

creampie for cat at the gloryhole

If you would like to watch this young hot wife take a pussy full of cum at the gloryhole just hit the button and you can enjoy loads of sperm filling her cunt.

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And here is a fun little story, just for your reading pleasure, not about Catalina's pussy cum shot or her creampie but fun none the less.

I opened Cat's blouse down to the bottom buttons to expose her tits, her erect nipples looking mighty fine. We pulled the chair in front of the hole and she sat, undoing my pants and taking my stiff dick into her mouth. We knew the guy in the next gloryhole booth was watching us through the hole, and that just added to our excitement as she slid her soft lips up and down my cock, getting me very wet and slippery. She put on a show for him, licking and worshipping my cock and balls, lots of tongue and wet smacking sounds. I was in heaven. He reached his arm through the hole and began to fondle Cat's tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She began to suck harder on me, really vacuuming me in, and I knew his actions were making her seriously horny.

He retracted his arm after a while, and soon his cock appeared at the opening, mostly hard, but tentative until Catalina reached up and caressed his cockhead with her fingertips. He took that as a sign of approval, and flattened himself against the wall, thrusting his cock and balls through into our booth. The gloryhole wife moved me over closer to him, and began to alternate sucking our cocks, paying much more attention to him than to me. Soon he was rock hard, and I could see that he was somewhat larger than me, probably close to 8" compared to my 6 or so, and noticeably thicker. Cat stopped to admire him, and looked up at me and mouthed "Wow - big!" before taking him back into her mouth. At one point she laid his big cock across the side of her face while she leaned forward and sucked his balls, one at a time, into her mouth, bathing them with her tongue like she does. That was incredibly erotic for me, and I almost had a creampie moment. I couldn't wait any longer, I had to be in her.

I pulled her to her feet and got behind her, raising her skirt so that my hard cock was against her ass, then she bent forward to continue sucking our new friend. I entered her hot soaking pussy in one hard thrust, and she groaned, taking his cock deep into her throat. I leaned to one side so that I could watch her suck his big cock while I fucked her from behind. She was squeezing his balls with her left hand, gripping the base of his cock with her right, and really going to town on him. I knew from the sounds that Cat was making that she was nearing a powerful orgasm, andI knew I couldn't last long when that happened. Besides, I could feel the cum pressure building up a big load.

I'm not sure who fired the first spurt, but within moments he was shooting his load into her mouth as I pumped mine deep into her pussy. I think as she reached her orgasm on my cock she sucked him so hard that it set him off just as the contractions of her pussy sent me off. That may be our first ever 3-way mutual creampie, and it was GREAT! We continued to pump our cocks into her at both ends as the waves slowly subsided. For some reason he quickly pulled out of her mouth and we heard him zip up and leave the gloryhole.

He should have stayed and enjoyed it, Cat loves to hold a cock in her mouth and suck gently as it softens after cumming almost as much as she enjoys feeling one grow hard in her mouth. He'll never know what he missed, it's a great feeling. I slipped out of her as she stood up, a small dribble of my creampie trickling out as well. She turned to me, smiling oddly, and I could see that she was still holding his jizz load in her pussy. She puckered her lips, as if for a kiss, but I shook my head no. She then began to let his white cum trickle from her lips, down her chin, and onto her tits. If I hadn't just cum, I would have then.

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